Adamjee Notes for Class 10 Physics

Looking for amazing resources for students preparing for their board exams in class 10 physics. We have carefully selected the Adamjee notes for class 10 physics that include books, video lessons, solved exercises, and online tutorials to make sure you get the best preparation for this competitive exam.

We keep updating the Adamjee blogspot notes with the latest and new material so you have the best notes for learning. The materials are written in an easy way that helps you in the physics book. You can use physics notes for educational purposes and make sure to stay easy.

Adamjee Notes for Class 10 Physics All Chapters

Learn the basics of physics with this short series of notes in class 10. It’s designed to help you get started quickly and understand the fundamental ideas. The blog features notes and materials on all major topics in the class. The content includes solutions to many of the problems encountered in class as well as links to other relevant websites.

You will find notes and links on topics like Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Wave Motion, Heat, Sound, Optics, Optometry, Fluid Mechanics, etc.

List of Physics Chapters for Matric

There are nineteen chapters included in the Physics book from the board of Sindh that each matric student needs to study. They need to complete study the book in order to get good marks on the paper. Even if you need a passing number then you still need to prepare one-third of the book.

Each chapter included Q/A, Numericals, and MCQs that you need to read carefully. You need to remin that material so you can easily solve the paper.

  1. Introduction To Physics
  2. Measurement
  3. Kinematics of Linear Motion
  4. Motion And Force
  5. Vectors
  6. Equilibrium
  7. Circular Motion And Gravitation
  8. Work, Power And Energy
  9. Simple Machines
  10. Properties Of Mater
  11. Heat
  12. Waves And Sound
  13. Propagation And Reflection Of Light
  14. Refraction Of Light And Optical Instruments
  15. Nature Of Light And Electromagnetic Spectrum
  16. Electricity
  17. Magnetism And Electromagnetism
  18. Electronics
  19. Nuclear Physics

Download Physics Notes Unit Wise

Each chapter included all the material that you need for your Physics subject. We write in easy language that helps you in solving questions. We provided the notes with proper guidance that is easily understandable.

Chapter #1: Introduction To Physics
Chapter #2: Measurement
Chapter #3: Kinematics of Linear Motion

Importance of Class 10 Physics Subject

Class 10 Physics is a subject that is usually not given a lot of importance. It is a subject that is only important if you want to become a scientist or engineer. It is a subject that is not taught in schools but is taught at the post-graduate level.

This is the reason why students need to prepare well for this subject. They must be able to understand the concepts of the subject and also be able to solve problems.

Class 10th More Books Notes

Just like we cover English subjects, we also cover other important book notes with the same parent as we did with English. You can check the following book’s notes and make your study easy.

Physics Subject Notes Matric Class

We prepare the notes for the English medium on our website that gives you a clear idea about each chapter of Physics. It helps you to understand the Physics concepts and you can perform well in the exam. Moreover, the student will not have any issues while deriving formulas. 

The notes included the multiple choice question along with a short question and also have solved exercises that help you in the understanding of chapters.

Physics Solved Numerical 

Most of the students have problems solving the physics problem but with the notes, you can easily do that. The numerical problem solution is also included in the notes that are difficult to solve. 

But now you don’t have any issues because we will teach you how you can calculate the formulas. You will learn how to answer the question from matric physics notes and technically solve the problems. 

Solved MCQs Notes for Chapters

Likewise, we help you in learning MCQs in Physics. When you complete the exercise, you have to answer the question that you learn in the whole chapter. We added the answers to each question for each chapter. You can do the exercise yourself and then cross-check the answers from the notes.

You should be sure that you know the notes before you take the exam. You will never be able to complete all of the questions correctly if you don’t know the notes. Also, you can practice questions to know the answer. You should take notes on time and make sure that you understand all of the concepts thoroughly.

About Physics

Physics is the branch of science that deals with the laws of matter and motion. It is a scientific study that looks into how things work in the universe. In this context, we will look at the things that happen around us. Physics is also referred to as the ‘hard’ sciences because it tries to understand the world scientifically.

Physics For Class X New Book 2022 & Onward

Yo wasn’t able to find the new book in the market or don’t have enough money to book a new Physics book for class 10th? Here we have a Physics book for you that you can use to start your study. It’s the new addition book according to the new syllabus.


What you have learned from our Adam jee notes for class 10 physics? I am sure you get a lot of material that helps you in learning your student. I think now you should know how to solve the problems. By the way, you should study the problems very carefully so you don’t have problems with your board exam.

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