Adamjee Coaching: Official Notes, Exercise & MCQs

The Adamjee Coaching is an educational institute that provides the best quality education to the student and gives them free Adamjee notes, MCQs, online tests, Guess Papers, and Past Papers for Class 9th, 10th, and 11th, 12th, and other courses.

The student will get a lot of educational materials for all classes. The institute provides you with special Adam jee notes that help you in your study and exam preparation for the Karachi board. You will get free MCQs, notes, English, Urdu Islamiat, medical, Mcats, medical college aptitude tests, practice, preparation, and Ecat.

Moreover, you will find free Adamjee Notes, past year papers, online tests, MCAT, ECAT, etc that help in your education. It will help you to understand the subject exercises in a better way.

Under Matric Classes Adamjee Notes

Both 9th and 10th classes are most important to clear the board exam and if you really prepare for the exam then you should have well-written notes from great teachers. Hence, here we share the notes for both classes and for each subject. We try to cover each exercise from each subject that will help you in your study.

9th class

Adamjee Notes for Class 9

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10th class

Adamjee Notes for Class 10

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Higher Education Adamjee Notes

If we compare higher education with matric then we must say the student needs to work hard in order to get a high education degree. But if you have notes like Adamjee then you don’t need to worry. Our teachers work hard to complete the notes for each subject and share them with students so they can take help at a free cost.

11th class

Adamjee Notes for Class 11

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12th class

Adamjee Notes for Class 12

All Subjects Notes

About Adamjee Coaching Center

The coaching center opened in 2000 to provide quality coaching to students studying at the University of Karachi. Since then, it has helped thousands of students in their academic careers and has assisted them to achieve academic success.

At the end of 2017, there were over 12,000 students enrolled in the coaching center. The coaching center has campuses in many parts of the city including Malir, Clifton, Bunder Malir, North Nazimabad, Korangi, Faisalabad Road, Gulberg, and many other areas.

In 2014, Adamjee established another adamjee coaching campus in KDA. The coaching center was established to give coaching to students in their final year of study.

Adamjee Coaching

Adamjee Online Education

We are the largest provider of online education services in Karachi. Our education portal provides the latest educational resources and tools for students. We have an extensive collection of books, study materials, past question papers, and test series available to students on our website.

We also provide study materials for various competitive exams, like ix, x, xi, xii, MCQs, notes, English, Urdu, Islamiat, medical, mcats, medical college aptitude test, practice, preparation, etc. Our team of experts is committed to assisting the student community in their pursuit of academic excellence. 

Adamjee Notes for Classes

Education is a learning process to gain knowledge but when you have written something in terms of notes then it’s easy for students to understand. We prepare the notes in a very good format for Adam jee students so they can take benefits. By using the educational materials you can easily prepare for the exam to get the maximum marks.

All the notes are written by the experienced teachers of Adamjee and we divided them into classes wise. You simply need to choose the class and then see all the exercises, MCQs, solved papers, tests, and past papers.

We divided the adamjee notes into two different categories according to a category so you can easily choose according to your class.

Mission Statement

The Adamjee Coaching Center is a place where you can learn how to become a successful person. The study coaching center’s mission is to provide everything essential for your growth in your education career for different classes.

Recently they open a new coaching center under the supervision of its Director Mr. Abul Jamal. The center provides coaching services to students, college students, and graduates. There are 26 branches of this center in Karachi. All of the coaching services are available at affordable prices.

In addition, we also provide coaching services to all types of students from primary schools to colleges and universities. The best thing about adam jee coaching is to provide free services without any cost. There is a lot of study material available on our website that free to download and print.

Academy Campus

Academy Campus

Nowadays, most people prefer to do their studies online because they can access them from anywhere. It is convenient to use the internet for educational purposes because you can learn at your own pace and time.

The students of the Adamjee Coaching Centre are doing very well.

Students are getting good grades, and the parents are happy with the education that the students are getting at the Adamjee Coaching Centre. The teachers and staff members are working hard.

Institute History

There are numerous coaching centers in the city of Karachi but the Adamjee coaching center is one of the old institutes. It was established 21 years ago and till now they are providing excellent learning opportunities. 

This center has been helping thousands of students to achieve their dreams. The Adamjee Coaching Centre has been one of the best institutions in the country in the field of education. The main aim of the coaching center is to develop the physical, mental and social potentials of the students.

The institute has always had an excellent faculty and staff which is qualified to teach in the best schools in Karachi. The teaching methodology of the institute is to guide students with the knowledge and skills of the industry.

The training programs are designed to help the students gain knowledge and skills in various fields and make them proficient in these areas.

Adamjee Philosophy

At the heart of our philosophy, we focus on the development of character building of the young generation to help them lead meaningful and productive life. We emphasize providing quality education in all spheres, as it is in these spheres that a person develops and grows mentally and morally.

The school provides a platform for all children to learn and develop the skills necessary to become independent individuals. We believe in providing an environment that inspires young minds to achieve excellence in academics, sports, and art. We emphasize providing a conducive atmosphere for the students to excel and grow together as a community.

The facility in Study Center

Adamjee has great facilities and also provides an awesome environment to its students. They have the best infrastructure and provide the best facilities for the students. They have a very good campus with all the necessary amenities. The students get complete coaching from experts in the field.

Campus Facilities

The institute heavily invests in its facilities and learning resources to ensure the students have access to everything that helps them in their success. The learning campus offers excellent learning resources and is highly respected for its quality. 

The main aim of the institute is to provide students with the best opportunities for study and research. They are committed to making sure that they have the best facilities for their students. To grow, the academy uses all of its resources and tries to expand the size of its facilities. 

Spacious Building

The buildings are fully furnished with all faculty. The student can find the building in the middle of the model colony.

Separate Classes

We know the value of culture hence we make separate classes for girls and boys so the student won’t have any issues in learning.

Automatic Attendance

Adamjee provides you automatic attendance system for their student’s parents. The system sends an SMS notification to parents.


With the study, the student can also do daily activities with the facility of support. They have several supportive faculty.

Standby Generator

Electricity is a big problem in our country so the candy installs the generator to encounter power failures.

Test System

The test system works on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It also provides you with SMS notifications with the result of the test.

Learning Tools

The student will have the best learning tools that they can use to do experiments. You will find the following tools in the school.

Furnished Labs

Labs are an important part of the study because they help you in doing experiments. You will find fully equipped labs with all the tools according to the subject.

Advance Learning Tools

The study center also provides you advance learning that help in your study and understanding the lectures in a better way. The teachers give presentations on multimedia to students. 

Computer Lab

The computer labs are also in the study center where you can do the particular work. All the computers are with the latest technology which can perform any heavy task.

Physics Lab

The physics students can perform their practice in the lab which has all the latest equipment.

Admjee Notes

The student also gets the latest and updated notes on all subjects. These notes help them with exam preparation.

Security System

Security is the top priority of Adamjee that’s why they installed CCTV cameras and hired security personnel to ensure the security of students.

  • CCTV Monitoring: In terms of security, the campus is also secure with a CCTV monitoring system where that ensures the security of the institute.
  • Armed Security: School Safety is a serious issue so the academy also deployed armed security to take security measures.


We provide you with all the notes, exercises, and MCQs and keep updating them. You can download the notes according to your class and print them. These notes will surely help you in your study and exam preparation.